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Ten tips for aspiring journalists

1) Accept you’ll never be a journalist 
Certainly not in the traditional sense.

Up until around 20 years ago, you could get in at a newspaper or a national magazine, and work your way up until you were a senior editor and buying a tasteful house in Highgate.

Not any more.

2) OK, you might be a journalist but that’s not all you’ll become…
As well as a journalist, you’ll also have to be a content creator, blogger, social media editor, whatever annoying title has yet to be invented. But remember this…

 – Whatever platform journalists are using, become an expert on it.

Run a blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account, learn how to take photos or make videos.

Watch online instruction videos, so that if you’re asked if you have experience in, say – making two-minute videos about sausages – you can say yes.

3) Shamelessly copy everyone 
Read the press every day, whether online or in print (check out The Economist, which is better than anything else at explaining complex issues in a straigh…

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